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Company removals

Company removals

We have a long-term, well-established position on the market of comprehensive removal services offered to companies and institutions. The management and our employees have excellent knowledge of the specifics of the industry and experience to offer you the right solutions.

The main scope of our daily activities is office removals.
Due to their specificity, they can generally be divided into small office removals and corporate removals – large office space removals.


Companies whose offices constitute several or several dozen workstations.
Ad hoc support in daily relocation work in the offices of larger companies.
Such services do not require special preparation and are often ordered one day in advance.
For efficient implementation, the experience and efficiency of employees, appropriate technical and material equipment are essential. You will receive these three standards at an affordable price.
For new clients, the valuation is possible by phone, e-mail or after the visit of our consultant.


A characteristic feature of corporate removals is the subordination to one priority – guaranteeing the smooth functioning of the company during work. Whole offices or subsequent departments must be ready to work at the planned time.
This places special demands on the removal company.


  • Project Manager – a person representing our company in contacts with you, takes part in all stages of the move, coordinates the whole work.
  • Foremen in charge of the loading and unloading site.
  • Packing and unpacking crew.
  • Employees dealing with securing and moving the property.
  • Cartons for documents and hardware.
  • approx. 100 platform trolleys for transporting cartons with documents and computer equipment – possibility to load 1000-1200 cartons simultaneously
  • Several trolleys for furniture
  • Furniture-adapted cars


Planning the various stages of the move:
At this stage, cooperation of the person managing the removal from our company is necessary
and representatives of units carried out.

  • At this stage it is necessary for the person in charge of the move to cooperate with the representatives of the units.
  • Planning of all the activities comprising the move, divided into Principal and Contractor
  • Drawing up a schedule for the execution of individual activities (deadlines for the execution of preliminary works,
  • The order in which the premises are moved, the date on which the IT equipment is moved, etc.)
  • Determination of the way of performing the work (e.g. the way of marking property components, packing documentation and IT equipment, etc.).
  • Preliminary works.
  • Performing necessary actions prior to the proper removal.
  • Delivery of appropriate amount of cartons of tapes, labels to mark the property and other materials needed for the removal.
  • Delivery of sealed containers for the transport of confidential documentation
  • Conducting instructions for employees on how to prepare the property for the move.
  • Separate the property to be moved and mark it according to the target location plan
  • Protection of passageways against damage during the move
Implementation of the project:
The individual stages of the project are implemented according to the adopted schedule:
  • Marking of the target location immediately before the service is provided
  • Protection of rooms, elevators and passageways before the implementation.
  • Disconnection of the IT station
  • Packing of computer equipment using appropriate materials
  • Protecting the transported property from damage during handling.
  • Loading
  • Transport
  • Unloading at destination
  • Arrangement of equipment at the destination and setting up according to plan
  • Unpack your computer equipment and place it on your desks
  • Installation of the IT workstation
  • Placing boxes at desks and cabinets
  • Collection of removals
  • Actions after the removal stages.
  • Make any adjustments to the arrangement of equipment (After Move Service)
  • Collection of waste electronic equipment
  • Disposal and collection of used packaging material


Maintenance services:
  • furniture adjustment
  • installation assistance (poster, image and board montages)
  • working with your staff in unpacking the documentation
  • collection of other used packaging material at any time

The most important thing for us is full security of the company’s equipment and data. The property entrusted to our care does not remain unattended even for a moment.
We have third party insurance policies on account of our business. We also offer individual insurance of the whole or selected components of the conducted property.